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Duckface Bunny Cheesecake: We Must Demand Better, Guys

True to his job description, my friend Caleb brought the controversy on Facebook by questioning Melissa Gilliand’s photo shoot in Sure Shots Magazine, a digital website publication. I have a serious question for my lady shooter friends: Is this really the image you want presented of female shooters? No offense intended to Ms. Gilliland, whom […]

Yes You Can…

…carry a real gun, ladies.

Dangerous Women

I do not exaggerate when I say that this is the most erotic video I have seen in months, and infinitely more sexy than the vapid “scantily clad chicks and guns” calenders and posters, because she knows what the hell she’s doing. (Except that her goofy shotgun technique and use of bunny fart reloads is […]


I am so impressed by the selection of Sarah Palin for the R vice presidency spot that for the first time in my life, I will slap a political sticker on my car! Let’s take a look at the Veep candidate, shall we? She took on the corrupt Alaska boys club, and won: “When it […]

Alien Elements

Inspired by Mr X, I decided to try my hand at this art stuff.


How’d Rolling Stone get into my subconscious like this?  (Big pic behind cut)


Now that’s my kind of cartoon erotica.  Nothing dresses up a nekkid woman like an M4.  Or is that the other way around? Volk is such a damn tease, though:  “The photos on which this illustration is based may be obtained at“. But I can’t find them!!!  Help!