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Amy Winehouse put out a damn fine album. I’m convinced that 9 margarthingeys is my limit. I have goddamn MISPLACED my new Kel-Tec .32! …purchased with the proceeds of selling my Remington 870… reasons to follow… I think that’s about it…… Oh, the Mrs will be home tomorrow night, hope you enjoyed this evening.

St. Patrick’s Day, Apparently

Beware The Ides of March!

So, yeah.  If you get yourself jacked up by a bunch of Ides, don’t say you weren’t warned.

I’m An Idiot

If you’ve submitted a comment here in the last couple days and haven’t seen it appear, please resubmit if you’ve got the time. I marked a mess of comments as spam and I can’t find a way to conjure their spirits back from the aether.

We’ve All Wondered…

…and now there’s a site dedicated to the study of the phenomenon known as… Hot Chicks With Douchebags. [stolen without apology from HERE]

Cue Seething, Riots in Three… Two…

I’d like to think that there’s a subversive element employed in the online division of al-Reuters, but somehow I think the placement of the kissing pigs in an article about muslim acceptance was merely a happy coincidence.

I’m Moving

Fed up with blog-city's indifferent support, spotty availability and puzzlingly obtuse payment system, I'm pulling up stakes and claiming my own innernet back 40! I have a hosting company picked out, all I need is a snazzy domain name!  I have a couple of ideas, but they keep getting lamer every time I type them […]

Security System Bleg

Anybody out there know their butt from their elbow when it comes to CCTV? I have come into possession of a few "Resi-Cam" motion sensing cameras, both color and B&W.  They use a 4 conductor DIN cable like a PS2 keyboard jack.  I can't get the control unit thingey to power on.  Who makes these, […]

Technical Notes

Sorry about the poor loading of the blog recently.  It appears one of the routers that separates from America is in casters-up mode.  Hopefully it's just a passing condition. But isn't the internet tubes supposed to route around this kind of stuff?

The MILF Chronicles: A Google Chat Story

January 2nd, 2:14 PM pdbizworkin: Uh oh. pdbizworkin: Hot milf lawyer? Just walked in and called me handsome. pdbizworkin: "I'm in here every day and I haven't taken the opportunity to tell you how good looking you are! And you are!" mrs_unix_jedi: really pdbizworkin: Also recently divorced. mrs_unix_jedi: al-right! mrs_unix_jedi: oh, wait, you're married.  No […]