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The Eternal Derpocolypse Rolls On

One of my many, many associates in the digital wilds sends along this lovely little nugget of primate football fuckery for our entertainment: There is so much fail going on here it’s difficult to find a place to start, but I want to focus on what I see is the big root problem. As I’ve […]

Dr pdb’s Anti-Depression Prescription

nb: THIS POST IS NOT PASSIVE AGGRESSIVELY AIMED AT ANYONE IN PARTICULAR. I wrote the kernel of this post in reply to a guy on arfcom GD with a case of the why bothers and don’t wannas, and I thought fellow sufferers might benefit from it. Are you depressed? Do you sit around all day […]

Next Phase

You’d have to be living under a rock or without an internet connection to not notice that the next big gun control push from the Democrat / Joyce / Bloomberg fascist axis is for Universal Background Checks (UBCs). This worries me for a couple reasons. This attack vector is going to be difficult to parry, […]

Dot, Dot, Dot

A few totally, completely unrelated things I’ve noticed lately. Item The First: In an almost periodic musical chairs format shuffle, one of my local Top-40 FM radio stations is now “105.7 Man Up!” radio. While I suppose I should be grateful that I am now a demographic worth pandering to, and the playlist is pretty […]

This Is All Your Fault

In case you missed it, a brief recap of this past week’s stupid gun-o-sphere drama. 1). A few months ago in a now deleted Facebook comment, George Fennell, the engineer behind Weapon Shield, insinuates that a popular and well advertised firearm lubricant is in fact repackaged vegetable oil. 2). Interest piqued, Andrew Tuhoy at Vuurwapen […]

The Phalse Phable Of The Phantom’s Gun (And Other Tales)

The traditional narrative summary of American air-to-air combat in the 1960s and 1970s goes a little like this: Believing a new age of pushbutton warfare had dawned, the Americans designed their new fighter without a gun! This technological hubris resulted in American combat aviators being unprepared to face a brave, hardy foe flying “obsolete” cannon […]

Jim Wilson: Full Of Crap, Again

So “Sheriff” Jim Wilson is again confirming his high capacity for fecal matter retention, this time subtly questioning the need for ordinary citizens to participate in Super Scary paramilitary training and own any kind of MOLLE. From the fazeboogs: Of course he doesn’t come out and say it, but he’s heavily implying that the only […]

Range Time Meltdown

Depending on what gunblogosphere orbits you circulate in, you may or may not have heard about the sudden drama surrounding Range Time Tactical Shooting, one of the higher profile “guy and a berm” firearms training companies that have sprung up in the last decade. The duo of Corey Jackson and Erika Maxwell rode the waves […]

Patrick Kilchermann of Instant Accuracy, Meet the Streisand Effect. Streisand Effect, Meet Patrick Kilchermann

So about a year ago, Caleb at Gun Nuts junked the light night cable TV pitch come to the shooting community, Instant Accuracy. tl;dr: If you want a proven, skill improving at home dry-fire program, you can get better ones for less, or free. Anyway, this didn’t sit well with pitchman Patrick Kilchermann, who was […]

Guns I Hate Part 2.5: Externalities of The Derp Tier

As I’ve mentioned before in this slow running series, singular anecdotes of individual guns failing or working well aren’t demonstrative in of themselves, but my observations at this month’s 2-gun match reminded me of something I had forgotten to bring up. In my squad of a baker’s dozen shooters, the Springfield Inc XD was well […]